Saturday, 17 November 2012

Huzzah! A new post!

Well, as I said in my intro post, I'm lazy, very very lazy. I will not be posting the full tale of the road hog on the loch, as it was not that exciting, but I will tie it in roughly to this post about something similar, lane discipline.

Lane discipline is something I regard to be rather important, stay in your own lane, you don't hit on coming traffic and you don't die. However should you stray from your own lane you may hit on coming traffic, or traffic to the side of you on a motorway or roundabout for example, and you could cause an accident, and cost someone their life. To me lane discipline is more than just holding your lane, it is how you move lane as well, just shifting your self over on the motor way with no indication and little observation is poor lane discipline, and it is dangerous, what happens if there is another car there, or worse a biker.  Mirror THEN signal THEN manoeuvre if it is safe to do so, just like you learn on your very first driving lesson, not mirror signal manoeuvre all in the one motion.

In regards to roundabouts, I find it quite annoying when going round one, that someone would think it is a good idea to go through multiple lanes cutting off other drivers, that is not to say that "straight lining" a roundabout is not acceptable when there is absolutely no one around, it is a judgement call as far as I see it.

The other piece of selfish road use that really needs to stop. the hogging of the middle of narrower country roads, I understand moving out if there is nothing coming on straight bits of road, but when approaching a corner there is nothing that scares me more than seeing an X5 or Toureg screaming towards me and forcing me to have to take evasive action, this is what happened at Loch Lomond a middle aged man in a Volkswagen Toureg was in the middle of the road and forced me to come to a very abrupt stop as well and put myself partly in the shrubbery while he drove along no where near the bushes on his side of the road.

All I am saying, well trying to say at least, is that drivers need to be far less selfish behind the wheel, and far more observant both of these in my humble opinion will save lives.

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