Friday, 12 April 2013

My take on car clubs and styling.

In my opinion car clubs are a great idea, they play host to both the relative new comers to the car scene such as myself and the grizzled veterans who have built up many projects, and as such are a great source of information on issues specific to a certain platform or marque. I myself am a member of the MG ZR owners club ( whose founders split away from a bigger and fairly venomous site and club ( Which raises my real issue with car club sites is that they can often become quiet harsh and uninviting places due to members feeling that there is a set way to style and modify that particular car, and if you style or modify it in any other way you become chastised and open to abuse in extreme cases for daring to style a vehicle you own in the way that you want (examples being insane tyre stretch on the mk1 golf or small rims on the EK9 civic and smoothed bodywork and insanely low suspension drops that are very popular in the 'euro' tuning scene). By in large the friendliest site I have visited is the Mighty car mods forum. which has a very large and diverse group of car owners and builds (although it does have a very heavy 'jdm' influence)

Which brings me to the subject of styling of cars, something which should be personal and done to your own tastes and not for the approval of someone else or a 'scene' as it where, which leads to a "if your car isn't like this then it doesn't look good" attitude. This makes people not want to do things differently to the norm, and because of this you end up with a show stand of cars that all look exactly the same. It seems as though it is an all-out battle to see who can get their car the lowest, get the best tyre stretch or fit the widest wheels with the highest negative offset as possible under the car regardless of how this will affect the handling of the car. While this can be nice to look at, and I have seen some "stanced" cars that I have liked, but having sat behind cars styled like this on the motorway and seen the sparks fly it’s not a styling movement I can get behind. This admittedly is a relatively nice progression from the "fast and the furious" days of styling where it was all huge chrome wheels and garish paint and body kits, but at least these posed no danger to other road users. I put it to you simply that if you do anything to a car purely to satisfy others and find approval from a group of enthusiasts then you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

There is more that I want to write but I am unsure of how to put it into words, and when I asked around a bit Mr sheep informed me of his tiny penis, like seriously tiny and the ladies laughed at him for it.

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